LittleBox specialises in and is passionate about audio-visual communication. We provide services at all levels of the production chain: consulting, design, development, production and post-production.

LittleBox collaborates with a network of imaging professionals who share our high standards and our passion. Hence we are able to meet all your visual design needs as efficiently as possible.


In addition to the classic 2D and 3D animation techniques, LittleBox has developed unique expertise in stop motion animation.

Recent years have seen renewed interest in this technique with inimitable aesthetics. Combined with new digital technologies, stop motion offers countless possibilities. Equipped with the latest version of DragonFrame, the benchmark software in this field, we offer the opportunity to re-explore this area of digital animation technology which is second to none.

Graphic design

Whether still or moving, the image is central to our approach. It supports your communication objectives and is available in an infinite variety of styles. We listen to your needs to make sure we select the right form. Our experience and advice are at your disposal to help you obtain a clear idea of what you want to achieve, visually or otherwise. In order to offer you a range of solutions, we draw on a diverse network of designers and performing artists.

For print jobs, we take pride in working with partners who are respectful of the environment.


LittleBox is also a photography and video recording studio that you can use along with all the associated services.

An entire floor is dedicated to the creation process. Having direct access to this veritable laboratory of visual research allows us to create and test the graphical material you need without delay.

For more information, visit our dedicated page towards the bottom of this site.

GoPro Addict

Even more versatile and powerful, the current mini cameras offer previously unimaginable possibilities. The reduced size, light weight, water resistance and 4K quality of the latest versions invite us to rethink the frames, movement and rhythm of the images to be integrated into your projects.

LittleBox is passionate about this development, which opens wide the range of possibilities of audio-visual production.


creadvocacy is our preferred partner for all projects that require strategic communications work, writing and content creation, especially when the proposed product targets a specific audience such the European circles. Ensuring coherence between the content and the form is the best way to maximize the impact of your productions. 


For the past two seasons, LittleBox, in partnership with Eloges, has been producing the ModaModa show, which is broadcast on one of our national channels. Fashion, the truth and Belgium – discover them all at

  • Apple
  • Adobe
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Red Giant Software
  • Dragonframe
  • CamRanger
  • Nikon
  • TVlogic
  • GoPro
  • Cartoni
  • Rosco
  • Anton Bauer
  • Socanland
  • Shape
  • Bowers & Wilkins


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